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about danette


Danette is privileged with an abundant spiritual inheritance and gift of empathy through being born to parents that not only endured extremely traumatic childhoods but chose to seek out a

way to overcome their suffering and transform their lives.

It hasn’t always been a straight path for Danette. She learned great discipline from her dedication to the sport of wrestling, where she competed for 8 years, as well as receiving a full-

ride scholarship to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC; ranking 2nd in Canada.

At 21 years old, she heard her true calling and subsequently, left her wrestling career behind. It was her physical discipline in sports that proved to be a key factor in her consistency in meditation and emotional work; as well as her lifelong experience in all that self-development encapsulates.

She is a certified meditation teacher and has 16 years of Vipassana Meditation practice and over 19 years of experience in managing and assisting self-development seminars.

The mentoring and training she has received since childhood has continually helped her not just heal and transform but has revealed her life’s purpose in guiding others to their

own awakening.



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